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If you are concerned about how air, water, food, light, or other pollution impacts your health or that of your local community, consider helping Coming Alongside make a difference.

Coming Alongside is a 501(c)3 organization which makes your contributions fully tax deductible. Contributions to our general fund are immensely appreciated and support our ongoing effort to make the latest scientific data available in a comprehensive, easy-to-read, and relevant format for individuals and local community organizations. Donations can be made via Paypal or by sending check or money order to:

Coming Alongside
P.O. Box 676
Clinton, Washington 98236

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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Got a Concern? Let us help you turn it into a WhIM:
Do you or your community have a specific concern about toxic hazards? Do you worry that something in particular is affecting your health or that of your neighbors, and possibly your children too? Lead in your drinking water? Volatile organic compounds that cause asthma in the air? Potent pesticides in your food?

Coming Alongside would like to help you take action Where It Matters (WhIM)! For a nominal donation to cover our costs, we can help you pinpoint your critical environmental health problem and help you develop a WhIM Solutions Manual ... translating the problem into understandable language for your community residents, providing documentation that supports the nature and severity of the exposure and, most importantly, defining action steps that you and your community can pursue to address the problem(s).

Interested in a WhIM for your community? Please contact us using the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

Your time and effort are as valuable to us as your donations. We have many volunteer opportunities available, both remote and on the ground. If you are interested in helping us in any of the following capacities, please contact us at comingalongside@runbox.com.
  • Provide feedback on our web site and educational materials: always welcome!
  • Technical Reader: Sort through the literature in conjunction with Coming Alongside guidelines to identify the bottom line regarding contemporary environmental health issues.
  • Technical Writer: Pull together facts and figures into an accessible, readable format for a broad range of Coming Alongside audiences.
  • Community Educator & Teacher: Use our materials to empower individuals in your local community. Engage others in powerful, productive, and accessible change for healthier lives.