Belle Boulevard

Belle Boulevard is a short nature trail that traverses the eastern side of the Tree Tour, entering from the North side and exiting on the South side. As you begin your stroll down Belle Boulevard, it will be impossible to miss the thorny, prickly and invasive blackberries on both sides of the trail — identical to the massive fields of blackberries that were carefully cut down to make way for the Boulevard. As you leave the blackberries and the sunshine behind, a tall healthy Western Hemlock tree will come into view followed shortly after by a massive Western Redcedar. Little grows under these trees, as they keep the soil highly acidic and shaded, inhospitable to the many weeds and invasive that might otherwise choose to grow here. Yet, in between the trees, plenty thrives, from young Western Hemlocks taking shelter under the shaded canopy to huckleberry bush fighting with salmon berry for access to the sun. Along the wetter parts of the trail, skunk cabbage will come into view, it’s huge green leaves unmistakeable, with or without the equally large yellow flowers that bloom forth in early spring. As Belle Boulevard heads to the south, the trail will open up to more sun hungry plants and trees, including native Salal and more majestic Western Redcedars that grace the exit from the trail.

On Belle Boulevard, you will see:

Pacific Northwest Native Trees: Red Alder, Western Hemlock, Western Redcedar
Pacific Northwest Native Plants: Salal, Skunk Cabbage
Pacific Northwest Native Berries: Huckleberry, Salmon Berry

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About Belle

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July 4, 2000 - June 2, 2015

Belle was a lovely Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler mix who will be forever remembered in our family for so much more than her cute furry face. She was the most loyal of dogs, attending to body language of every creature that passed near her people… aware, protective, and loyal for every day of her long life with us.

Lucky Lane

On the North end of the tree tour, Lucky Lane is a short jaunt down to the Glendale headwaters, a wetland that is rumored to be the flattest headwater in Washington State. In the headwater wetlands, the water collects from the surrounding hills and due to the flat landscape, takes a long time to flow down into Glendale creek to the south and into Puget Sound at the south end of Whidbey island. Because of the flat topography, the water is heavily filtered while traversing the headwater wetland and arrives in the creek crystal clear and clean. After passing the suspiciously non-native satellite dish, Lucky Lane enters the woods, passing native Douglas Fir and Western Redcedar, and dropping steeply to the wetland below. At the end of the trail, Lucky Lane opens up onto the wetland where the native and the non-native grasses and plants can be seen aplenty for acres around. The wetland is home to a wide range of plants and also ducks, geese, heron, eagles, beavers, deer, and other wildlife year round.

During the winter, the wetland is a seasonal lake; most of the grasses die back and the headwaters fill as a result of persistent rains. During the late summer months, the wetland looks almost dry, covered in grasses and cattails, but don’t be fooled. Stepping a little bit too far into the grasses will result in a rather unpleasant, mucky and mud riddled experience for the feet of anyone who dares to go too far!

On Lucky Lane, you will see:

Pacific Northwest Native Trees: Douglas Fir, Red Alder, Western Redcedar
Pacific Northwest Native Plants: Salal
Pacific Northwest Native Berries: Huckleberry, Salmon Berry
Uninvited and Invasive: Blackberry, Holly

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About Lucky

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Born February 14, 2007

Lucky is a Chow/German Shepherd mix who is as sweet and easy going as Belle was loyal. While some joke that he may only have two or at most three brain cells, in reality, he chooses to exert his full brainpower only for certain activities, limited to taking walks, chasing cats, and barking his way out of any space that he finds discomforting. Mostly, however, Lucky is a typical laid back islander!