Awesome Breath-Giving Trees

Welcome to the South Whidbey Island Tree Tour!

We are located in the town of Clinton on the southern tip of Whidbey Island in Washington State. On eight acres of mostly wooded property, we host hundreds of native Alders, Cedars, Firs, and Hemlocks and over a hundred varieties and species of non-native trees.

Our tour, both virtual (on this website) and in person, is focused on education about the many stories, functions, and unique qualities that these trees bring into our lives, whether through economic benefit or the simple beauty they infuse into our gardens, parks, and green spaces.

Trees are a vital part of our world, essential to providing the air we breathe and hosting the many critters with which we share our beautiful planet. Come join us on the the tour, learn the many unique stories of our trees, and fall in love with these Awesome Breath-Giving pillars of the plant kingdom!

You are welcome to peruse and explore this website at any time, at your leisure, but if you would like to come out to visit our trees, in person, we ask you to make an appointment by contacting us.

For groups of 6 or more, we offer multiple classes on our natural environment (trees, water, habitat) in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Please contact us for more information.
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Nature Trails:

Short Nature Trails offer an opportunity to explore native trees and plants in their relatively undisturbed, native setting. Take a walk through the woods, both wet and dry, or down to the Glendale wetlands for a peek at the rich, lush green critters that await your attention.
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Tree Library:

Our tree library looks at the stories of each of the trees planted on our PNW island. Each tree has its own tale to tell with regard to how it ventured from its native habitat to Western Washington.
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Tour Areas:

Tour areas are regions planted, inadvertently or intentionally, that showcase both the good (non-native, cultivated trees and plants) and the bad (noxious and invasive species).
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